Nationwide Coverage

Each appraiser applying to be added to the QVS panel must provide their state certification, evidence of designations, education levels, current Errors & Omissions insurance coverage, resumes, referrals, and their specific areas of competency and geographic coverage areas. 

QVS' panel is composed of 8,000 certified appraisers. Of those 8,000, 2,500 are Blue Ribbon appraisers who complete approximately 30% of all orders. (see Join our network to see criteria for joining our panel) Our panel is structured such that we insure each appraiser is located within 25 miles of the subject property for urban areas, within 50 miles for suburban areas and within 100 miles of rural areas. Our average distance traveled by our appraisers for urban areas is less than 15 miles.


Below is a map showing appraisers who have done work with QVS in 2010. (Alaska and Puerto Rico not shown.)



Below is an example of a proximity report that shows number of appraisals and average distance traveled by our appraisers. The report can be broken down by state, county, zip and by urban, suburban, and rural areas.