Hybrid Products

Hybrid Products

Reconciled Price Solution 

The Reconciled Price Solution is a BPO alternative product. A physical exterior or interior inspection of the subject property is performed and an analysis is completed. An QVS appraiser further analyzes the data returned and reconciles the value; thus, eliminating the need for further review of the product. The RPS competes with and exceeds the benefit of the BPO due to the level of analysis performed. 

Mitigation Solution (BPO reconciliation)

The Mitigation Solution reconciles valuation products submitted by a lender/client. This product is often utilized for BPO reconciliations or the reconciliation of a combination of valuation products/services. Many of these services are performed as a retrospective analysis and are often used to dispute re-purchase requests. 

Property Inspection Solution 

The Property Inspection Solution is typically utilized by lenders after a natural disaster (e.g. fire, flood) to verify the present condition of the property in question. 

Appraisal Risk Assessment 

A desktop risk screening performed on a completed appraisal report which assesses a number of risk factors pertinent to an underwriter, lender, etc. 

Easy Price Solution 

An Easy Price Solution is an interactive or appraiser assisted AVM. The data returned from an AVM is analyzed by an appraiser and a value is derived based on a market grid with 3 sales deemed to be the best indicators of value. Current listings are also analyzed and included in the reconciliation.