QVS believes in building long lasting client relationships. Every client is unique and therefore QVS is committed to forging long-term relationships that build trust, respect, synergies of knowledge, and adaptability in order to be successful. Partnering is a primary core value at QVS and it impacts how we respond to issues and drive solutions. QVS's approach is to collaborate with clients on their needs first, then develop streamlined workflow solutions, analytics, products and business process improvements to meet those needs. 

QVS has implemented flexible technology and operational processes to accommodate customized solutions. 

Some of these are: 

• Dedicated teams from the engagement manager to the coordinators and underwriters. All assigned to specific clients to provide the high-touch service they've come to expect. 

• Unique engagement letters and disclaimers that are directed to users of the platform and appraisers to ensure that client requirements and policies are followed. 

• Customized assignment logic to route orders to sub-panels or within set proximity guidelines. 

• Sub panel management to ensure that the client's preferred appraisers are considered for each order. 

• Customized analytics and reports that are created to provide the insight particular to the specific client. 

• Private labeled web-ordering to provide the value added capabilities to our clients. 

• Custom integrations with custom messaging. 

• Custom workflow processes — additional review or appraisal data based on client specific guidelines . 

• Bump logic and product upgrades based on client and geographical preference tables.


ICBA is an example of our dedication to building partnerships. ICBA is partner to thousands of community banks and has partnered with QVS to provide valuation services. 

QVS’ mission for ICBA Mortgage Solutions is to be the premier provider of valuation products and services to ICBA community banks’ targeted market segments. 

QVS believes in a partnering approach to come up with innovative solutions to support community bank ICBA members’ challenges to compete with larger institutions. 

As a trusted partner of ICBA Mortgage Solutions, LenderLive, and the community banks, QVS will provide superior product depth, world-class relationship management, leading-edge technology-enabled delivery, and exceptional customer service. We will continue our commitment to quality, integrity, transparency, and innovation.



Closing Corp

Closing Corp. is a leader in providing real estate closing services on the internet. As a leader in technology, Closing Corp is the ideal partner. Together we are innovating the delivery of appraisal services through new exciting channels. QVS delivers services through their smart GFE product and connectivity with Ellie Mae and other loan origination platforms.

Closeing Corp.