QVS Difference

The QVS Difference


QVS's management team and advisory board have been instrumental in building companies based on best practices, utilizing Six Sigma procedures, testing, and continually measuring results in real time in order to assure the highest levels of service. QVS's approach is to collaborate with clients on streamlined workflow solutions, analytics and product solutions to comply with appraiser independence requirements of section 129E of TILA. 


QVS has a nationwide panel of over 8,000 appraisers. Additionally, many of those appraisers have passed a stringent vetting and testing process to gain inclusion on the QVS "Blue Ribbon Appraiser Panel". The qualifications for inclusion on the QVS "Blue Ribbon Panel" include the following: 

  • References by appraisal managers (not loan agents and brokers) that are subsequently confirmed by QVS
  • High levels of competency for specific products in geographical areas (confirmed with previous appraisal managers)
  • State Certification Only (State License is not eligible for consideration)
  • Minimum of 10 years of credible experience
  • Personal interview with each appraiser to assess the candidate's reliability and credibility along with the candidate's technical and communication skills
  • All appraisers go through an ongoing review process

Technology Platform

QVS utilizes the FNC/CMS platform for order fulfillment. The platform provides all necessary functions to facilitate the receipt of orders, assignment to appraisers and the automated delivery of completed products and can accommodate up to 20,000 transactions per month (1004 reports). The core platform is recognized by the mortgage industry and is hosted in a SAS-70 type II audited facility. The data is secure with backup, disaster recovery and continuity procedures to ensure operations. And QVS adheres to strict service levels regarding performance and response times. 

Quality Compliance

Quality and integrity are core values at QVS. These are assured through the following:

  • Selecting the appropriate valuation expert for the specific assignment
  • An automated review process for client specific compliance and completeness
  • A manual review process to ensure compliance and to provide credible understanding and reporting of the facts within the report
  • Measuring and reporting performance through web-based dashboards to clients and the appraisers
  • Providing an automated process for reconsideration of value by lenders, based on factual concerns provided in writing by an intended users, and by providing clients with a "Certification of Compliance" on each and every report